An ancient symbol of love and beauty, roses are beyond compare for their ability to create a distinctive outdoor environment.

A well-manicured rose garden can turn an ordinary backyard into a luxurious retreat filled with vibrant color and delightful fragrance.

Cultivating the flower of love is also a labor of love, so the experts at The Perfect Rose are here to help you enjoy a more rewarding experience. Accredited by the American Rose Society as Consulting Rosarians, co-owners Robert Myers and Jack Page each bring their own unique strengths to every garden and every growing challenge.

Award-winning horticulturist Robert Myers has received regional and national acclaim for his talents in the cultivation and care of roses, including "Most Fragrant Rose" and "Hybrid Tea Best Fully Open" at the American Rose Society Fall National Convention & Rose Show as well as "Outstanding Consulting Rosarian" for the Carolina District of the American Rose Society. He is an accredited Rose Judge and has also been appointed to the permanent jury for the Biltmore International Rose Trials.

Jack Page offers an impressive depth of knowledge about the fine art of rose care combined with 25 years' experience in architectural design, giving him a keen eye for achieving optimal symmetry, balance and proportion in rose garden design.

Together, they provide the highest quality service and products to help you bring the garden of your dreams to life.

Call us today to discover how The Perfect Rose can transform your outdoor living space.